Beginning My New Flintlock Rifle

muzzleloader1Several years ago I had wanted to try hunting with a blackpowder rifle.  I received a CVA percussion kit gun for

Christmas, hunted with it a few times, then went back to my traditional rifle for hunting purposes.  Fast forward a few years and a friend invites me to a woods walk shoot with a club called PA Longrifle Militia.  Lots of fun even if I’m not a particularly good shot.

Another year or so passes and the same friend that got me interested in the blackpowder shoots asks me if I would be interested in doing some 18th Century reenacting with the Cumberland County Militia.  I gave it a try, enjoyed it so much that I asked my wife and son to try it as well.  My friend has allowed me to use his muskets/rifles for a few events because you need a traditional flintlock firearm to participate.

This past weekend with the help of another friend (also a member of the Cumberland County Militia) I have started to build


my own flintlock rifle.  I am using a pre-carved stock in the Transitional style from Kelleys Stock Carving in Port Matilda, PA as well as a 38″ Colerain C weight 50 Caliber barrel.

We got the barrel inletted, and I am excited to get more parts to continue building.  I will post more as my project progresses.

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