Rustoleum Paint Job

I’ve read a number of articles where folks have used Rustoleum to paint their cars.  I decided to give it a try, but rather than roll it on, I sprayed it on with the addition of some Majic oil based hardener that I found at the Tractor Supply Store.

I used mineral spirits to thin my Rustoleum paint, rather than acetone.  The articles that I’ve read were about 50/50 in this direction.  The flash point of acetone frightens me a little bit, maybe unfounded, but still non the less.

My mix ratio was:

8 oz paint
1 oz hardener
2 oz mineral spirits

I have painted with single stage automotive paints before, and at this ratio I felt like my spray pattern was very similar out of my spray gun.

The hardener seemed to decrease drying times pretty significantly – I’ve read where others said it took up to 3 weeks for the Rustoleum paint to dry to a point where it couldn’t be indented with a fingernail, and after just a day at about 85 degrees, I can’t dent/scratch the paint with my fingernail.

This truck doesn’t get driven a lot, but when it does, it is typically to haul wood, stone, etc.  It is not garage kept – it is a utilitarian vehicle.  I wanted to paint it so that it didn’t rust out on me, but I think it looks pretty sharp right now.  I’m going to take some photos at timed intervals and post here to see how the Rustoleum holds up to the weather.

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